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Thursday, October 06, 2005


You know what, I am beginning to relize that having ulcers was almost a good thing. For a while they didnt know what was wrong with me so I had to go in and out of the doctors and then finally got to go to the hospital. The thing is, the doctors, and especially the hospital, desentisized me from mortifying imbarrassment. There's just something about having your shit tested, having cameras shuved up and down, and being in the same room as a girl her expells her bodily waste from her stomach (and sometimes spilling it) that makes everything else seem alot less important. I think today would be an excellent example. The school uniform at my irish catholic boarding school is terribly frumpy, and the skirt hemlines reach a very unflattering mid-calf. (I got my granny to hem my skirts so they're knee legnth). Well, being from Canada, where the hemlines are usually about mid-ass in catholic schools, I decided to partially roll my skirt up, so it was mid thigh. For some reason, this really gave my friends a kick, so they dared me to wear it short to lunch. What the hell, why not? I might have gotten in trouble because all of the teachers here have huge poles up their asses (and not enough lube), but I can't deny the long dradition of Canadian catholic school girl skirt lengths just to avoid some detention. So I walked into the dining hall with my skirt flaping about a few below my butt, which I don't really consider all that short, considering that I'm only 5"3 anyways. Well I suppose it was rather short according to some people. No one really noticed until I walked out with my friends, gigling and my fat, shot and bald geography teacher saw me and yelled, "RACHEL! CONCEAL YOURSELF!!!" and then the whole lunch room (what, twenty people?) started to laugh. Im pretty sure I would have gotten in trouble if I myself hadnt been laughing so hard. My friend was lauging so hard that she had to lie down on the floor, as I quickly put my tray away and rolled my skirt back down to knee length, trying not to piss myself in a fit of laughter. And well, besides the uber long skirt hemlines, this school also has FUCKING SHITTY COMPUTERS!!!! This is the first time I've been on the internet in FOUR DAYS. FOUR FUCKING DAYS. I can finally finish this post, which took me about 2 weeks to write because the internet keeps on crashing. Anyway, since writing these posts are very theraputic for me, Im going to try my darndest to avoid the internet crashes before hand. bye :)

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I'm so mad at my self fo not keeping this up over the summer an for another month, much like last year atually. Hopefully I wont do this in 2006. Well I'm at boarding scool now, which is weird but I think I like it. I've been here for three weeks now, and I've managed to get into trouble four times. Look, it's really not my fault if all the majority of teachers here have poles up their asses. And I got introuble for stupid things too, like making a grilled cheese sandwich at 11:30 pm, forgetting my blazer for some stupid singing presentation, not wearig my cape (which are in fashion now, but Im sure will be out by next year) at inspection (not what it sounds like, they just give you your effort marks from class), leaving the school without the proper amount of permission (I only got caught once)...
Even though most of the teachers have poles up their asses, they are very good teachers who seem to actually enjoy teaching. Well except Ms. Bustard, who is my french and spanish teacher. She's one of those teachers who cant control the class room but gets angry very easily. I saw her sitting in the third year common room alone, the night before last, looking extremely suicidal. It's rather sad.
I have made some good friends, but no boy friends, so my immunity to love still seams to exsist. I am longing for it with every fibre of my being, especially because the only dvd we currently have is Moulin Rouge, so it gets played over and over again. Its a rather happy movie if you leave the room at the right time.
well that is all, Im glad I started updating again. See ya!