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Thursday, May 12, 2005

My mummy

Last Sunday (mother's day), I ended up pratically decapitating myself. I can't remember exactly how it happened, but I do remember the excrushiating pain. I was running into the washroom when suddenly my hand smashed against the door frame, and when I looked down the skin on my middle finger had been ripped off, but was still hanging on by a thread. OH MY GOD THIS IS SOOOOOOO PAINFUL. I didn't really know what to do, so I called out "MOOOOM! MoooOOooOOom! MoooOOooOooM!" in a sort of pathetic whipering voice. She came and asked me what happened, and I showed her my finger, now gushing blood. Suddenly I felt all the blood in my head drain away and a quick rushing sound appeared. "MooOOooM..... I feel dizzy." Well I wasn't crying, so I might as well faint, right? I was just dissapointed some geourgous Prince wasn't there to save my fall. "Come lie down." my mom told me, and she led me to one of the window seats, my mother's obsessed with window seats. She go me some water and let me sip it as she retreived some first aid kit, and then worked on my finger. Good thing I made her that cake for mother's day, I thought...I mean I have to pretend I know how important she is before I actually find out. "There we go, all better." she told me, and I looked down to see one of those giant bandages on my finger. "The skin should fuse back to your finger soon." At that moment I suddenly realized how much I depend on my mother, If she hadn't been there, my finger would have probably ended in the garbage bin or something. And luckily, she's less uptight about money than my dad is. Unfortunately she can be really stressfull and annoying, but then anyone is if you've lived with them for almost 16 years.


At 8:37 pm, Blogger Jon said...

But Rachel, she's lived with you for 16 years too, so maybe the feeling is mutual ^_^

Kidding. She sounds great. And now I want cake!

At 8:40 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

I have a feeling that sometimes it is mutual...I get that feeling alot.

At 11:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay for moms!


At 4:29 pm, Blogger Rachel said...


At 1:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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