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Friday, May 06, 2005


GRRRRR...I'm super pissed, because I have a headache that is quickly turning into a migrane, I can feel it. And this is how I got it:
It was the end of school for the week and I could finally go home and relax in bliss because I wan't assigned any homework. YAY!!! I was so happy, especially since this has been an exceptionally boring week, with lots of work and lots of mental stress. So I pranced out of the school like a little school girl "LaLaLaLaLaLa" and headed off home. I live about 2 and a half miles away from school so it takes me an hour to get home but I don't really mind. So I was walking down a street, half way home, when I saw an unusually green lawn of grass in front of a dentist's office. It looked as if aliens had landed on it and used their radio-activity to make it al one shade of green. Then suddenly I smelled the familiar toxic smell of pesticides, which immediately started pressing down painfully on my head. I barely noticed the "Don't walk here or your children will have birth defects" sign falling over in the dirt because rage was building up inside of me. WHAT GIVES YOU THE F*CKING RIGHT TO SPRAY THIS F*CKING SH*T ALL OVER YOUR STUPID UPPER MIDDLE CLASS DENTIST LAWN AND GIVE ME A F*CKING MIGRANE FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS AND RUIN MY WEEKEND. NOT TO MENTION GIVING ME THYROID CANCER IN MY 40'S AND SLOWLY DESTROYING MY NERVOUS SYSTEM OVER THE COURSE OF MY NOW DRAMATICALLY SHORTENED LIFE. THANK YOU SOOOOO F*CKING MUCH. I honestly don't understand it, people really don't get how much damage pesticides do. I had a friend who's family sprayed the lawn to get rid of insects, and I told them all about the effects pesticides actually have on people and animals and the environment and all they said was "Yea well..." and let their children run around on the freshly sprayed lawn. By no means am I a sandals and socks wearing tree hugger, but after finding out what pesticides actually do, I've been severely against them. I mean, why do you think 1 in 3 people get cancer in the first place? And what is the ultimate purpose of having a "perfect" field of grass? So you can wake up in the morning and smile, basking in a green glow...before you notice the lump on your side? Goody. God I feel so sick...oooowww my head, why the hell am I on the computer? Bye bye, and for god's sake people, stop spraying your lawns, if I get another fucking migrane from it I'll blow your stupid suburban lawns up. An eye for an eye, right?


At 10:49 pm, Blogger Jon said...

Ugh- I hope the dentist doesn't have any neighbors with little kids or outdoor cats. Where my mom lives,about 40 miles north of NYC, people are required to send notices to neighbors if they are spraying so they don't let their pets out, or their kids play near the lawn until it becomes less toxic. Hope some pain medication and bed rest helps :)

At 11:44 am, Blogger Rachel said...

Unfortunately they don't have that rule here, even so, people who do spray their lawns don't really care and let their children and animals run around in it! But I am feeling better! :)

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