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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Crap, I still have to do my assignement.

To my love thee gracious Olivia I AM SO F*CKING BORED. OH MY GOD. I wouldn’t be surprised if my head just suddenly lolled off from being so immensely bored. How the hell am I supposed to learn crap when I am SO BORED. This is the extreme epitome of boredom, the essence of absolute nothingness. Just squatting there like a mentally deficient duck. Why am I supposed to do this stupid letter about love. I don’t know sh*t about love for god’s sake, I’M FIFTEEN. I can’t write about something that just adds supplementary boredom to my already bleak existence. God, write about bastard Shakespeare and his painfully boring play, Twelfth Night. It’s as if I’m injecting boredom into my veins, except unlike heroin, IT’S BOREING. What the hell was wrong with Shakespeare, what the hell is wrong with the world? Shakespeare is just some dull idiot who decided to write some crap down, and lord behold, people decided he was some genius. One day in class I’m going to go into compulsions, or what ever the hell it’s called, because the air will be so dry from Shakespeare’s boring words that my brain will collapse. And Shakespeare is not funny, WHY THE HELL IS MY TEACHER LAUGHING? Hahaha, Orsino loves Olivia, and Malvolio’s an idiot, oooo woooow, never seen that before. You could make a much better play about some girl who wishes she was Charlotte Casiraghi, but nobody does…Because they’re all sitting there reading crap Shakespeare. And writing stupid assignments based on Twelfth Night. Honestly, Shakespeare is over-rated in the adult world as pot is over-rated in the teenage world. Adults read and study Shakespeare because everyone around them thinks it’s clever, sophisticated, witty, a milestone in literature. Teenagers smoke pot because it’s seen as cool, dangerous, rule breaking, exciting. Unfortunately, in reality Shakespeare is the exceedingly boring and so is pot. I have extensive experience in both. If you actually think Shakespeare is remarkable, you are probably the most boring thing in the whole universe. But don’t feel bad, because this means there are a lot of super boring things in the universe. And Shakespeare is sitting in some galaxy reading his wonderfully boring plays aloud with all of the Shakespeare lovers staring in overwhelming admiration, dressed up like Christian missionaries.


At 7:25 am, Blogger Jon said...

Some Shakespeare is quite funnym actually, like '12th Night', for example. But I don't think Shakespeare is taught well in schools- they are plays, not novels!

At 11:05 pm, Blogger Rae said...

I feel your pain, Im currently being force to read MacBeth, though I agree with Jon, if you read it right, Shakespeare can be rather halarious. Like Romeo and Juliet, I hate that play, but its sooooo dirty and funny when you're studying it in school. Oh man.

At 1:52 pm, Blogger Wayne said...

I don't understand Shakespeare. But again, back in those days, my Engrish was no good.

At 11:43 pm, Blogger joe said...

oh, i love shakespeare.... when it's not forced down your throat and you actually learn something about the language. it's poetry in a play really. but of course i learned that many years later in uni. otherwise i avoided shakespeare like the plague. ask me to read it right now, i'd rather poke my eye out. to be or not to be, that is the dumbest question.hehe

At 5:50 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

jon: I guess that's true, although it was really obvious that my teacher was working his butt off trying to make us like it. It was quite sad.
rae:I could never imagine romeo and juliet married and driving their kids to soccer practice in a mini van...just a thought.
joe:I think it's an aquired taste, that I have yet to aquire :|

At 2:40 am, Blogger wbrant said...

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