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Thursday, February 03, 2005

My invisible friends

Today was the first day of school for me in a while because I had been sick, and because the school I went to last year was full of crack addicts and Nazi symbols I got to go to a better school this time. I forgot how boring school was, I got all excited to go back for nothing, but I did meet some nice people though which was a relief because I didn't have to eat lunch alone. So all in all it wasn't that bad. Anyway, as I was walking back home from school I noticed this girl with long wavy blonde hair standing by herself talking, but no one else was around so I instinctively looked to see if she was on her mobile, she wasn't. Then I thought maybe she had one of those head phone things that are hard to see, but she wasn't using one of those either. She was just standing, all alone having a conversation with nothing. I don't know, maybe she was talking to her imaginary friend, but she seemed a bit old for that and anyway, when I was little and talked to my imaginary friends I didn't talk out loud because I knew people would stare at me so I just talked to them in my head. Who was she talking to? WHO? Was it some magical creature that I can't see because I'm not a blonde maiden or is she just schizophrenic? I hope she isn't schizophrenic because that would be really amazing that she was talking to something that is invisible, but I'm kind of mad that she gets to talk to invisible things and not me, that would make life really quite interesting. Maybe I should dye my hair blonde, can magical creatures tell the difference?


At 2:28 pm, Blogger Jon said...

Yo should ahve asked her. You should ahve walked up to her and said 'excuse me, who were you just talking to? I don't see anyone here. Are you crazy??'

Ok, so that would be mean. Sometimes I talk to myself when I'm at the grocery store, but quietly; I go over the mental shoppiing list I've made and say things like 'Ok, i still need to get the milk', or whatever. But there's a big difference. Or am I crazy too? Hmmm..... :P

At 3:59 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

No, they definately is a big difference.


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