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Monday, January 03, 2005


On the day before New Year's eve I went over to Steph's house for another sleep over. Surprisingly her dog was completely calm, he just walked around looking for food and he didn't act like I belonged in his feeding bowl.
Since Steph's mom wasn't home I got to sleep in her room, which is across the hall from Steph's, it is not the same room I had heard her parents, um you know. I wasn't surprised they had done it in a different room when I found out what her mother was keeping in there. It was something that really freaked me out. It wasn't the decor, because Steph's mom is an interior designer so the room looked fabulous, the dog hadn't done some gigantic poo on the floor, and there wasn't some perverse object underneath the bed. It was something on the bedside table. A little bottle with very intricate handwriting on it, so small and fancy I could not read it, but it had a pretty big picture of cross bones and a skull, the poison sign. What's this? I thought.
I'm not usually one to snoop around, but if that bottle contained something very important and very secret she would have hidden it...right? Er...Maybe not. I picked it up and read the back, Smokeless, Tasteless, Colorless. Warning! Do not consume. This product is potentially lethal. If consumed call an ambulance immediately. Do not induce vomiting. Keep away from eyes, mouth, nose and any open wounds.
What? What does that mean? Well if you wanted to KILL someone it would be very useful. Then it hit me: The clear liquid that was inside that bottle was POISON! Stehp's mom keeps POISON on her bedside table! What kind of person keeps POISON on their bedside table? And another thought, what would they need it for? Who is Steph's mom planning to kill? Well I really hope it's not me. I went to check names of people Steph's mom might want to kill off in my head, well there's Steph, but what kind of mother kills their own daughter? Me, but come on, who's going to kill me, I always appear so innocent and caring. Steph's dog, he is kind of vicious and it's getting pretty expensive to put down animals. Steph's dad, Steph told me he had a crack problem and spent all their money, that's and ok excuse to kill someone...I guess, but I would prefer to wreck some of their property, less guilt. And since I don't know anyone else who Steph's mom knows that was it.
I really do not know how to react to this sort of situation. I guess if someone who is linked to Steph's mom dies, I could provide some information, but then I would feel unbearably guilty for never saying anything in the first place. Well I guess I will go and do what I always do in these sort of situations: Nothing!


At 4:41 am, Blogger Jon said...

Um, her dad used to be a crack head and her mom keeps poison on her bed side table. You may want to see her at YOUR house from now on, hmmm?

At 8:30 am, Blogger Rachel said...

wow, I can't believe that never occured to me. Thank you!

At 5:09 pm, Blogger Wayne said...

*Ahem* My face turned red as I'm typing this... But I think it's not poison... It's one of those... uh, thing.. that you use with Adult toys.... *blush*

At 11:39 am, Blogger Rachel said...

ooooh. I thought about that but I didn't think it would be lethal. Well I'm not sleeping in that room again.


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