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Friday, January 21, 2005


I am typing this as I contemplate my future...with a GIGANTIC MOLE on my face. I noticed it this morning but I didn't think much of it, maybe it was just a blemish, maybe a scratch...what ever I thought it was I dismissed it. Then suddenly, a few hours ago I noticed it again, but this time it looked less like a blemish or a scratch and more like a MOLE. A little tiny mole I might add, but a mole none the less.
I'll be one of those scary old ladies, that wonder around with her cats and scaring little kids with my icy stare and enormous hairy mole.
"Get out of my way you snotty little kids!" I will say.
"AAAAAAHHHHH It's a witch! She's going to turn us all into frogs!!!!!" the children will scream while running away.
I decided to tell my mom about my mole, "Rachel, I don't see anything, where is it?"
"There! On my lower left cheek!"
"Oooh, well if it was a mole you would have noticed starting" She said, trying to convince me it wasn't real.
"I'm noticing it starting right NOW!"
"Well it's a beauty mark, lots of people have beauty marks. Look at Elizabeth Taylor, she has all those diamonds."
"Elizabeth Taylor is famous and has diamonds because she has violet eyes! Not because of some MOLE." I explained to my mother.
"But lots of people want beauty marks, it's supposed to be attractive."
"I don't see how a huge MOLE is supposed to be attractive!" Since my mom didn't know what else to say she just sort of wondered away. But that is when I decided I will NOT live my life with a mole, I will get cosmetic surgery!
"Mom! If it is a mole can I get it removed?" I asked
"Yea, sure if you really want to. It might leave a scar though."
"No it won't, plastic surgery has gone very far since they day of scars, It removes scars now!"
Well why should I stop there? I've always wanted a nose job and collagen injections in my lips, "Mom?"
"Yes Rachel?"
"Can I get a righnoplasty and some collagen injections in my lips while I'm at it?"
"Kiera Knightly supposedly got lip enhancements, and look where they've got her!"
"Kiera Knightly's lips look like duck lips, you'll look like a duck!"
"I like the duck lip look!" I shot back.
"Rachel, you can get your mole removed but that's it!"
"What if I break my nose and I get a big lump on it, can I get a righnoplasty then?"
"Yes, but you haven't broken your nose so not now."


At 8:58 am, Blogger Jon said...

I have a mole or 2 on my lower face on my jaw line. They came in when I was about 12, and they aren't raised or anything. Things like that are perfectly normal, but if you are worried about it (and I don't think it's cancerous or anything), then see a doctor. Peace of mind is a good thing :)

At 2:37 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

I'll be seeing my doctor in a month or so so I'll talk to her then. I'm just worried that it will grow big and hairy, it probably wont but it bothers me.

At 2:48 pm, Blogger lost at sea said...

My best friend had two moles removed on Thursday and said that the one that was on her leg really really itches somewhere inside her calf. It sounded very uncomfortable, so even though I have one on my lower back I'm not going to get it removed. I don't want to have itching in my spine, a small dot is not worth so much discomfort.
But y'know, whatever floats your boat...

At 5:30 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

If it is a mole (lol) I want to nip it in the bud before it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, which probably wont happen but just to make sure.


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