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Friday, January 07, 2005

little squeaks

Early this morning I woke up to country 95.3 fm which I leave on 24/7. Yes that's right, I listen to country music, you can stop laughing now. Usually the breakfast hosts are always lively and cheerful, usually I wake up to things like "Coleen loves Tim McGraw! Ow stop hitting me with your head phones! AAAAAHHHH!" but not today. Today I woke up to "-where the Tsunami created the most destruction. You can hear the horror in his voice."
And yes, I did hear the horror in this man's voice as he described what he saw around him, "There's just so much destruction. All there is are animals wondering around with bewildered looks on their faces. Looking for their owners and their homes." While he was talking I could hear a cat crying. It never occurred to me that cats cried, but it's little squeaks were filled with so much pain. I started to cried for that cat, who was lost and lonely, looking for it's family, it's home. I knew it would probably never find them, just like all the other animals searching for theirs. I wondered what the cat was thinking and how much it missed it's family and it's home just like all the other Tsunami victims. It's little paws determined not to stop until he found them and everything was ok, they would stroke it and feed it tuna because they were so scared they lost it and they had missed it so much.
I know they were only squeaks, but they were filled with so much sadness and confusion. I just couldn't help crying.


At 10:43 pm, Blogger Jon said...

This is a disaster that is going to take forever to recover from. Years, even. Seeing animals in pain is just a traumatic as seeing peole in pain, I know how you felt.

And, you listen to country????

At 11:57 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

Pain and sadness is universal. I'm just so glad I'm safe, with my cat.

I guess you coul say country music is my dirty little secret, there's just something about those


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