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Friday, December 24, 2004

The Sleepover

On Tuesday (of two weeks ago) me and my friend Monique (I guess I'll let that present thing go, because she has such low self asteem I don't want her to feel guilty, and I'm too passive to admit anything's wrong anyway) went over to my friend Steph's house for a crazy sleep over! We were going to get drunk and stoned and jump off the roof! But since her parents stayed home it was an intoxication-free night.
It was a very interesting night none the less, especially since Steph's dog hasn't been "fixed". The whole time me and monique were running around the house to avoid beeing humped by a 112 pound dog called Dakota. Unfortunately when Dakota doesn't get what he wants he gets really angry so he'll start snarling and and barking and bearing his teeth, which is pretty scary. But he can also be really really nice, for like five minutes. I even remember falling asleep on Steph's couch one time and being woken up by her dog humping me. Very traumatizing.
We spent a while watching T.V. and laughing at nothing, but there was one piticular children's show that was beyond funny. There was this lady who had probably taken too many drugs in her teenage years and was now paying for it and a talking racoon. Anyway, they were making, we all spent ages trying to figure ot what it was and finally decided it was some sort of car with a cup on it, and they were gluing things on to it, like cups and straws. When the lady was gluing some straws on she was explaining to us that the straws should not move, then all of a sudden the racoon said "Don't move straws!" That was too much, I was laughing so hard I nearly wet myself! Just the way he said it. And it got me remembering when I was a kid, I would watch shows like these and think "What? Do they think I'm stupid?"
Then Steph changed the channel to this phone sex hotline, we tried calling it but nothing happened! It just rang and rang, Steph looked very dissapointed so we called phone one of her guy friends and left some phone girl messeges on his answering machine, except we were laughing so hard that it ruined the mood. Finally we decided to head off to bed, and since I was the only one with a sleeping bag I got to sleep on the floor. Unforunately for my mental health I was too close to the wall, which devides Steph's room with her parent's room. Er, lets just say I heard stuff that anyone under 18 should never, ever hear.
The next morning Steph was gone to get her braces off so me and Monique just sat and watched T.V. When Steph got back her Dad was saying something about the snow but we weren't exactly listening, instead Steph was herassing her dog. Dakota started to get really angry and bit Steph twice! If he was my dog he would have been put to sleep by now! Steph started to yell at him and he started barking really loud. I got so freaked out I ran upstairs and left monique behinde laughing her ass off. Suddenly Steph's mom started yelling at her really loud which was sort of surprising because Steph's mom is always really nice. O well, we can't all be perfect. Fortunately I was in Steph's room so I could laugh as much as I wanted. It's so funny when adults get mad!
Finally it was time to go home but when my mom finally made to Steph's house the mini van got stuck. It had snowed almost three (I think) feet of snow and we hadn't even noticed! We said goodbye to Steph and got into the car, excpet it could barely move. I think it took half an hour just to get out of that street. Smashing into piles of snow and trying to back up, and finally Steph's dad pushing the car out onto the main street. What a sleepover. It's like something out of the ***SLEEPOVER CLUB*** (except with out the R rated sounds since that shows for kids).
Anyway hope everyone had a good holiday! I just got back from a somewhat cappy time in Toronto, but I shall write about that tomorrow!


At 4:12 pm, Blogger Jon said...

So you heard some mom and dad lovin'? Hope they don't have another kid on the way ;)

At 11:32 am, Blogger Rachel said...

I hope not, they can barely even take care of Steph! Anyway, they're supposed to be "seperated".


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