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Monday, December 20, 2004


Well I was talking to my friend Monique on MSN yesterday and I decided to ask her if she knew if my other friend Steph was getting me a Christmas present (sometimes she remembers, sometimes she forgets and I like to be equal) since I'm planning to go Christmas shopping sometime this week.
"I doubt it, you've only hung out twice since you came back from Ireland. I don't think she got you anything when she went shopping." Monique replied. That sort of confused me, we were still friends before but it didn't really bother me since Steph might be borderline retarded. Good, one less person to worry about!
"I guess I wont worry about her then." I wrote back.
"Don't worry about me either."
"Ok." And then trying to sound like she didn't need to get me a Christmas present I said "You didn't get me one did you?" (Since I knew she had gone Christmas shopping two weeks before).
"Ok you don't need to worry about me either." You should have already worried about me!
"Ok I wont."
"K, I just like to be equal" So we can both get each other nothing!
"Oh yah, can you ask Steph if she got me a present so I know if I should give her her present."
"Sure" You got Steph a present and not me?
"Yeah, we're like best buds now."
"lol" I can see that.
That hurt, especially because I felt as if me and Monique were exceptionally close. It wouldn't have bothered me if she had said something like "I've decided not to give anyone Christmas presents this year because I feel as if Christmas is becoming too materialistic." That would have been ok, but I remember her talking on the phone to one of her friends she constantly complains about, and saying "I went Christmas shopping in Buffalo and I got your present!" It's not even about the gifts, usually we just give each other some lip gloss and eyeshadow from the drugstore, it's about the reminder that we're all friends no matter what (well until university), and that we each go out and spend some time choosing the gifts. Things like this just make Christmas more depressing for me. I need to find some better friends!


At 4:42 pm, Blogger Wayne said...

From the way that I see it, it looks like she got you a present.. and just want to make sure that you are getting her one as well....?

Hrm, I dunno.. it's weird. My bestest friend Danni, we onced talk about not buying each other presents, because of our budget... we ended up getting each other presents anyway :P

At 11:29 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

I guess I'll see what happens, I was planning on getting her one just in case anyway, but first I need to go christmas shopping!

At 7:16 am, Blogger Jon said...

I think you should wrap a turd (I'm sure your brother would oblige, after reading your last post) in a box and give it to her. That should clear up any unresolved feelings! ;)

At 10:54 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

LOL! I looooove that idea!


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