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Friday, December 10, 2004

Nobody Noticed my flashy boots!

Last Wensday one of my friends invited me out for some bubble tea along with some of her friends for lunch. I decided to walk, and since it was raining I slipped on my new Salvatore Ferragamo rain boots that had been fishing me compliments every day it had rained. When I made it to the tiny restraunt I noticed everybody was already there so I walked in, trying to show off my brand new boots.
"I am late? What time is it?" I asked my friend.
"It's twelve." She said.
"Ok good, I wasn't that sure how long it would take me to walk here." I explained. All of a sudden everyone at the table was staring at me in astonishment. This is the same reaction I get everytime I'm with my friend and company.
"You walked? All the way here? How long did it take you?" Asked my friend.
"Only about 30 minutes, it's not that far." I heard a woah coming from the rest of the table.
"30 minutes is far!" She said with a grin on her face. Ok, maybe If I had been running twelve miles per hour and it had taken 30 minutes, that might have been far, but I was only walking!
We waited for another friend (who also did not comment on my boots) and then ordered. I decided to have a pina colada flavoured slushie thing (called and ice dream, but who calls a non-alcoholic drink an "ice dream"?) and vegetarian dumplings (which were sooo good). So since no one was really talking I made it my mission to start a conversation.
"So how's school?"
"Went shopping lately?"
"Cool! Whatcha buy?"
"A shirt."
"What did it look like?"
"Oh...Sounds nice."
Seriously, these girls talked about nothing! Not fashion, not school, not sports, not boys, not books, not movies, not other girls, nothing! We pretty much spent the whole time, not talking!
Then they said instead of going to the school I am going to for the rest of this year, I should go to their school! NO! I HAVE BEEN OVER THIS HOW MANY FREAKING TIMES? I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THEIR SCHOOL!
"I know alot of people that said it was very socially competitive, and if you're not an 'A' student they don't pay much attention to you. I think it's far too academic for me." Ok, slight lie since I should be going to boarding school next year, but I have heard alot of bad things about their school, from other people that go there. Obviously they had never heard anyone utter anything bad about they're beloved school, and I suddenly felt really guilty. These kids all come from extremely over protected environments, and they also over protect themselves, by not even sipping some of their parent's wine and making sure they do a super duper job at school, and never exposing themselves to real teenage social situations. They wont even say: sex! Whatever, they didn't say anything about my boots! Finally it was time to leave, and after declining 9 offers to be driven home, I headed back, not minding the puddles because I was wearing my Salvatore Ferragamo rain boots.
(See next post: "Nobody Noticed my Pucci Snow Boots!"


At 10:50 am, Blogger Jon said...

Girl, it's time to find new friends. I'm not the type to say "hey, look at my new shirt or sweater", but I get irritated when I don't get comments, at least from my friends.

At 10:54 am, Blogger Rachel said...

lol don't worry I have other friends that will give me compliments(thank god)! I have two groups of friends the one I just wrote about and then another that are a bit more normal, that I can go to parties with and stuff.

At 3:22 am, Blogger :: jozjozjoz :: said...

I covet your Ferragamo rain boots. Of course, I live in L.A. where it never rains, but I covet your Ferragamos anyway...

At 8:20 am, Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks! They're my first pair ever!


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