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Saturday, December 04, 2004


I had the WORST nightmare the other night:
My dream began with me finding out that I had been nominated for an Oscar (BEST ACTRESS)! I couldn't believe it! I frantically began to go over the things I had to do, get my hair and nails done, get a facial a week in advanced, hire a makeup artist, and the most important thing of all- find the perfect dress. Since my mom happened to be in Texas (I don't really know why) I had to take my dad to Holt Renfrew to pay for the dress. unfortunately he took one look at the prices and said "No way!".I argued and argued, pointing out that this was the Oscars, and I would not find anything suitable in Zellers (my Dad's favourite store). He still said no, and I left for home in tears.
Eventually came the day of the Oscars and I still didn't have a dress. I was in L.A. frantically looking for something to wear with my friend, Steph. For some horrible reason none of the shops in L.A. were selling any dresses, the horror! We finally came across a store that was selling ONE dress. The only problem was that it ended right underneath my bum and it was completely see through. Well I could not wear that to the Oscars, and I started to brake down. It was then when Steph said that her mom might have something I could wear.
For some reason Steph's mom was super rich, and had one of those HUGE walk in closets that only billionaires have. I searched and searched in utter desperation for a gown...anything would do at this point, but there was nothing, NOTHING! I gasped in horror as I ran through row after row of identical black Chanel suits. What kind of billionaire has NO gowns, no Haute Couture?! I thought, praying that something would turn up. Nothing did turn up and I never made it to the Oscars. Later on I found out that I had won the Oscar for best actress, but since I hadn't showed up it had gone to Nicole Kidman, who was wearing a gorgeous Chanel gown.


At 12:28 am, Blogger Jon said...

OMG!!! What film were you in, or did that not occur in your dream?

I'm sick of Nicole Kidman and Jude Law- they've been in everything the past few years, and I'm sick of hearing about how sexy and stylish they are.

At 3:53 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

My movie wasn't in my dream, that would have been pretty cool though. I'm sick in Nicole Kidman too, especially when she stealls my Oscar! lol.

At 3:15 pm, Blogger Wayne said...

I'd just wear bumper stickers covering my private areas. See, in that case, you get the award, AND on the cover of every-single magazine!!!

At 7:29 pm, Blogger no milk said...

Sorry you didn't win the oscars in your dreams ;) I hope you do win an award soon!

Rachel, thanks for voting for me!

At 12:57 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

Wayne: That would get me pretty good both ways ;).

No Milk: I hope I win an award too!
Your welcome!


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