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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is going to be a very interesting year...

Being freakishly pessimistic really paid off this time. Well it turns out I can go back to school in Ireland next year after all! Yay I’m so happy, especially since I wasn't expecting it! I'll be doing the same year as I would be this year so technically I'll be older than everybody else, but apparently everyone in Ireland is always a year younger or older so I guess it wont be as traumatizing as it would have been over here.
But of course I simply must go to school for the time being instead of spending the rest of the year in California (thanks mom and dad)! My mom wants to send me to some rehabilitation school or something, she said that you only go three days a week and you get to work at your own pace: That would take so long to graduate from. The only problem is they only except students 16 and over, luckily I'm a year too young! After December or something I will be able to go back to a normal school when the new semesters start. The only problem is what school can I go to?
Somehow I have managed to know a large amount of people from almost every school in my town. First there is the school I went to last year, which shall be named Addiction School. I do not want to go to a school where the teachers purchase drugs from the kids, enough said there. Secondly there is bitchy people school. I went to middle school with these kids and was "friends" with them until the end of the year when I told them all what I thought of them (they really were mean, they teased everyone and spread rumours about everyone, basically made certain people's lives a living hell). No way am I going there! Then there is the new school, but unfortunately a bunch of people from bitchy people school moved over there so that is another nay nay. There are two catholic schools, but since I’m still not clear on the religion thing and two, almost everybody I used to horseback ride with go to both of those schools. We were all friends until I left to go train with a new go coach and stable, and ever since they have been gossiping about me. Apparently I am anorexic and got kicked out of five different schools in Europe for feeding my cocaine addiction and having numerous nervous breakdowns, caused by my manic depression. Wow, do I lead an exciting life (seriously, I thought they were joking, but I then realised they weren't when they all tried to team up and help me). So I don't really want to go to the catholic schools either. Getting a bit picky aren't we? So now I am down to two choices: The first choice may not be an option because my mom doesn't want me to go there because of it's bad reputation (um, the school I went to last year had a good reputation so I don't know how reliable that is). The other school has two people I used to know and I both used to horseback ride with. Luckily I got along with them pretty well and as far as I know they aren't gossiping about me. One of them is this girl who's really nice and likes to drink allot and the other is this guy who is like, Jude Law hot and who I used to like- allot (usually a guy who horseback rides wouldn't exactly be on the top of my list, but he's so hot it doesn't matter). Anyway my choice is the last school (even if Mr. Jude Law does have a girlfriend…but that can change, ok not really, I'd feel too guilty and then maybe I would become a crack addict and manic depressive). This should be interesting!


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