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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

They still hate me.

The other day I decided to walk over to my old school to retrieve my yearbook, which I had paid $40 dollars for and never got (the school never handed them out at the end of the year). It was weird coming back, everything looked so familiar but so foreign at the same time. You know when you come back to a place that has allot of memories, and even though you didn't think you were having any fun or learning anything useful you realise that you were actually having a great time and you really start to miss that place and feel guilty for taking it all for granted? Well that didn't happen for me. Walking up the staircase and down the halls I remembered all the bad memories. I mean sure the first two months were fun, but then one of my friends moved away and everyone drifted apart from each other. I then realised I was the only one not getting high at lunch time (literally).
Anyway I made my way down to the office and asked one of the secretaries if I could have my yearbook. She then proceeded to call a teacher who I had never met before ... lets just call her Miss Rude. I waited at Miss Rude's office and watched some of my old classmates walk by. I found it very heart warming that nobody had seemed to recognize me. When Miss Rude finally made it to her office I noticed that she was very short and chubby, with a mean expression on her face. But being the non-judgemental person that I am, I gave her a smile and said,
"Hi! I used to go to this school last year and I never got my yearbook so I was wondering if I could get it now."
"Fine. What's your name?" said Miss Rude, I told her and then she proceeded to flip through a bunch of papers. "I don't see your name here." She barked.
"Are you sure?" I asked. I knew I had definitely brought the money and the form in. I remembered because we had to hand it in during math class. I am severely mathematically challenged and so when I was the first person to bring the form in my math teacher was really surprised and he said "Everybody follow Rachel's example and bring your yearbook forms in!" And that was the only good thing about me that ever came out of my math teacher's mouth.
"I'm positive! So what do you want me to do?!" Miss Rude practically yelled at me."Um, well, can I bring the money in tomorrow or something and then can I get my yearbook?" I asked."Yep." And with that she pushed her way by me and stormed down the hall."Ok." I mumbled, severely disappointed that I still didn't have my yearbook. All I could think was: Why the f*ck is she so mad? I don't even go to this school anymore!


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