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Thursday, June 10, 2004


Yes! After days of waiting in turmoil and a stress over load the letter came, I got into boarding school! And not just any boarding school, the best boarding school in Ireland (I'm also Irish, and been there so many times, so it wont be that weird for me). I'm sooo happy! The funny thing is, if you were to ask me if I wanted to go to boarding school a year ago I would have passed out at the thought of leaving everything behind, but ever since I started high school I've begun to think otherwise. The one thing I noticed was that basically all the teachers at my school (which shall remain nameless) were completely ignorant. If I wanted to know how to improve my grades they would all say something like "That's your problem, not mine" or "I think you know the answer to that" and I am not one of those hopeless students! I even had a math teacher who wouldn't give my friend extra help and told her that "You need to be extremely gifted to pass this course, and you're not one of those people so there's no point." She had a 49%, one more percent and she would have passed. It's not like we were in any special enrichment class either, just plain academic. Also, they all seem to not want to do their jobs, they even complain to us about their low salaries! I know they don’t get paid much and teaching high school kids can’t be much fun, but they chose to be teachers, right? Then the education system is horrible (I’m in all academic classes), we're still studying Canadian geography (since grade three), the math is so repetitive and un-organized, science is basically what we did last year and in English we reviewed things that anybody that speaks English should know (what are vowels and nouns?)! So basically I am not learning a thing, well actually the "health" system is very good, I learned Ok enough ranting, lol. Any way I started to think about my career goals and since I don't really have any I thought it would be best for me to get the best education I can get, because I'm obviously not getting it here. This is going to be so weird! I'm supposed to leave this September! Maybe I'll develop an Irish accent, like Madonna when she moved to England. Maybe boarding school will turn out to be fun, like in Harry Potter! Haha…..


At 10:14 am, Blogger Wayne said...

Well.... You know..not everyone in the world loooooveess their job... A lot of teachers that I know... ahem... hated the job. But there are nothing else they can do... They already got the credits to teach...the degree and... spent 5+ years on building the career as a Teacher..then they got tired of it..and became restless and then start to whine and complain and got lazy.. like me at work. tee hee. (But yeah, teachers don't get paid too much... Less they became Professors and teach College and Graduate Level)

I've always wanted to study Aborad... but never had the chance. :-) You will have an amazing time :) And dont worry about the Accent --- When Madonna did her accent thingy during an interview here in US... People laughed.


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