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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

sick (again)

Wow! I haven’t posted anything for sooooo long! I haven’t been on the computer for DAYS! It feels weird to type again lol. Not much has really happened, to me any way. The weather here has finally gotten better, and I took my pony out for a couple trail rides in the nearby forest. Then yesterday I was feeling sick (seriously, I have been sick SO many times this year, there’s something wrong with the water, or maybe the drug infested school I am forced to attend), and I had to go to this chocolate cooking class with my best friend Amanda, we were the youngest ones there. Usually I would have been super excited to go gorge myself on chocolate, but not this time. There were other much older people there and we all took turns making stuff that we would later on be eating, such as white chocolate crème brule, chocolate icing, brownies, and fondue. I think people should know how much f*ing butter gets put into this stuff, you might as well eat a raw packet and sprinkle some cocoa on it, you’d be eating the same thing. Still feeling sort of woozy, I sat down and ate some of the fondue (just basically pouring some chocolate over top of small pieces of fruit and bread), which was sooo good I forgot about the butter and being sick. Then came the brownies, we each got one with icing sloshed on the top and yoghurt on the side, it was really good, but really rich and solid, which my stomach didn’t agree with even though I only took three tiny bites. I wrapped it up later for my mom so it wouldn’t be wasted. Then finally came the crème brule, I got to scorch the top of mine with sugar and propane which was my favourite part of the night (future arsonist?). Too bad this was also super rich, I wasn’t really going to eat all of it but I saw the chef watching me nervously out of the corner of her eye, so I tried to enjoy it, which would have been a lot easier if I hadn’t felt like I was about to vomit (sorry). We finally left, and I learned not to eat high glutton meals when I am nauseous, you shouldn’t either, they will be ruined for you forever.


At 9:36 am, Blogger Wayne said...

Actually, I do know how much BUTTAH and SUGAH that gets into those stuff. I used to watch a lot of cooking show on TV... And Mom and I were like.."Oh My Gawd... OOh Myy Gawd.. That's a LOT.... Oh My Gawd, She's pouring more into the mix... Oh My Gawd.. Moorree..?!"


At 6:20 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

I know! It's like, do you really need that whole block of butter?!?!?!


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