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Monday, June 14, 2004

My brother

Usually this title would result in something irritating my brother has done, but not today. I am seriously worried about him. Maybe it's from watching too much Dr. Phil but I'm certain that my brother is an emotional eater. I don't really see him that often, but when he comes home from school I always see him gorging down candy bars, rappers all over the place and then there’s no more food left for me :(! When it comes to dinner he is always coming back for more and more, and then swallows it in one big gulp, like he can never get enough, then its back to the fridge. I've seen him go from a happy little skinny six year old to a depressed over-weight thirteen year old who takes his pent up anger on his family, this is getting depressing. Looking back on the years he has never had that many friends, but was always part of a small group at school and had plenty of kids at his birthday parties, but suddenly in grade six that all started to change when he noticeably started gaining weight. He started to spend more and more time on his computer and less and less time playing and hanging out with his friends. That year I think he invited a couple of his friends for his birthday, I don't know how it went...I wasn't invited. He spent all last summer on his computer watching DVDs and playing games, and started to smell. This year he seems to be completely exiled from anything remotely social, never talks on the phone or spends any time out of the house. I know for a fact that he is having problems with the kids at school, I went to the same middle school last year, and kids like him suffered so much bullying, it was horrible. The other day he went to see Shrek 2 by himself, not meeting anyone or with my parents, by himself. I felt sooo bad for him, maybe he wanted to go se it by himself, I don't know, but I think it's sort of sad that he has no friends to go with him. Even worse, I think I may single handily responsible for my brother's social problems. The years of teasing and making fun of him have finally caught up with me/my brother...and now I really regret it. I was talking to my parents about him, I've been trying to explain to them that his behaviour isn't normal, yes, boys his age might eat alot, but they do wash (well all the ones I've met, seriously they all started to wear deodorant in grade four!) at least five times a week and do hang out with friends. My parents think he is all ok, they actually think if he had any problems he would tell them! Luckily it's summer but I think my parents should put my brother into therapy...he's even more screwed up than me! O well I'm going off to boarding school this September, I'm sure that will make him feel a bit better lol.
P.S. I’m very busy with exams so sorry if I don’t blog as often!


At 9:49 pm, Blogger adilio said...

Yeah I see this more and more with kids these days, it's just much too easy to veg out in front of the TV and computer, I do it myself occasionally. There needs to be some type of intervention, and no, not Dr. Phil style. He needs to get out more, but he needs some drive to do it. Maybe a girl, maybe Big Brothers, maybe his parents, but I do't think he'll listen to you. You have to devise something indirect, it should do the trick.

Oh and by the way, CONGRATS on the Ireland thing!!!! I'm in the middle of exams too so sorry if I haven't commented in a while.

Good Luck!!!!

At 5:57 pm, Blogger Wayne said...

I think your parents should send him to a bootcamp. That will give him lots of activities to do and loosing weight at the same time. (Or just any other camps, you know, like the Dance camp, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Cheerleading Camp...etc etc etc)

But yeah, for a boy at his age.. he should do more things... some sports maybe, and less junk food... Or else, he will develope some health issues (with heart) when he gets older.

i'm sure he'll miss you when you are away.... with ENVY, that is!


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