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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Don't move! I've got chocolate sauce!

hahaha by brother's in trouble now! It all happened when my parents and me got back from treadmill shopping (this doesn't include my brother because, well, he thinks chewing is an exercise). I walked up stairs to finish up on my English project when I saw the computer screen, IT WAS THAT STUPID CITY-BUILDING GAME MY BROTHER PLAYS, NOT MY ENGLISH PROJECT! I ran to the computer, desperate to find a way out and back to my essay, and tried to exit the stupid game, nothing was moving, the computer was frozen! I had no other choice but to re-boot the computer and search for my project, but it wasn't there! Nothing was saved! Suddenly I felt a towering rage within me... must get revenge, so I took the CD out and ran to the balcony, you must pay! and flung it down to the ground. Unfortunatley it didn't brake so I ran down the stairs, through the door and smashed it up with a rock. Still not satisfied I walked back to the kitchen to see my brother stuffing his face. Just looking at him filled me with rage once again and I started screaming at him, but the blank look on his face pissed me off even more. I grabbed my shoe and tried to fling it at him, like the little girl does to the multi-headed giant mouse in the Nutcracker, but my dad had gotten in the way and I missed. I needed to find something else to throw at him, anything, so I threw open the cupboard and grabbed to first thing I saw, chocolate sauce! I was about to fling the bottle at him when I had a better idea. SMOOOShhshOOOOIiiieeeeSHHHh, the thick chocolate sauce hit my brother all over his face and on his shirt! YESSSSSS!!!! HAHAHA Go me! Go me! Go me! My brother got so mad he started smashing into the walls while chasing after me, which caused him to smear the sauce all over the house, and once I was on top of the stairs I shot more chocolate sauce on him, he was covered in it! Hehehe, chocolate sauce makes me very powerful indeed.


At 5:22 am, Blogger adilio said...

somhow the thought of your brother smothered in chocolate sauce has unfortunately made me lose my appetite.... hehe now who needs a treadmill :P....

At 5:07 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

lol sorry about that. Come to think of it, I think I've lost my apitite too.

At 3:15 pm, Blogger Wayne said...

SimCity200? - THe game, that is.


NOw I have learned another use of Chocolate Fudge.

It's a weapon. Deadly weapon.

At 4:36 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

yea I think that was the game, I've tried to play it but I always end up setting off disasters.
I heard chocolate sauce was going to be used in the next James Bond movie...I'm not sure as a weapon though.......;)


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