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Saturday, May 01, 2004

You never know

Yesterday at school we had an assembally at 8:15, way too early to even think, so we were all shunned out of our classes and into the auditorium. Trying to keep up with my friends, who for some reson are very energetic in the morning, I walked into the symphony-like room and sat down in one of the crappy chairs. All of a sudden some fat kid comes up and sits beside me in the last chair on the edge of the row. I looked over at him and noticed he's that dumb guy in my french class. He turned his head over and started to brag to his friends about the ''great hits of coke'' he had last night, so thats why he's so dumb. Well as he was yapping on and on to his drug addict friends the lights began to dim and the princepal or somebody yelled into the microphone for us to all shut up. Nobody listened to him so he got angry and whined about his job. One by one people stopped talking and he introduced a nurse to us. O great, not another STD assembally. Well it turns out it isn't an STD assembally after all (thank god) but an ''accident prevention'' assembally. So the nurse talks about how we can prevent ourselves from doing stupid things by thinking (I thought that was called common sense), and blah blah blah. Then she said that someone would like to talk to us, and a 25 yr. old guy walks up with his mom helping him because he was shaking quite at bit, and then he walked over, now shaking even more and holding on to one of those wheely walker things old ladies have to help them walk. He finally made it over to the end of the stage and sat down. ''Hi everybody!'' he said, but his voice was very slurred so it was hard to understand, ''Hi!'' said the students all together. I think everybody, even the coke guy sitting beside me knew that he had been in some sort of accident that left him disabled. He told us that 8 years ago he went to the same school we did, and he started to sing our school song. Everyone else was singing (I didnt though, I don't know the words, so I just clapped along), when I heard laughing behind me, ''Haha, a retarded persons singing hahaha,'' I whipped my head back and gave this acne coevered boy the dirtiest look I have ever made in my life, and his face turned even redder than the spots on his face. How discusting, what sort of person says something like that? Does he really want to go to hell when he dies? Well the guy on the stage started to tell us about his accident, he was in a crappy car and the weather was very bad, he had let his girlfriend drive but he shouldn't have because she had just got her liscence. He had broken some bones but he had major brain damge (it didnt leave him retarted, but he had some sort of connection thing wrong with his brain). He then showed us pictures on the huge screen at the front, of him after his accident. He told about how he was in a coma for 3 months and when he woke up he was so weak he couldn't eat or breath, so they had to hook him up to a resporator, and his mom fed im mushed up cheesies but alas, he does not like cheesies. He taught us about the three C's, um i think they were Connect? Critque and Create a situation to make sure it is safe and stuff. It was really heart breaking, and alot of people were crying, even though he was so up-beat. After wards he asked if there were any questions, and nobody answered, then he was like come on, there must be some questions! Somebody asked him if his girlfriend died, luckily no she didnt, she just had a knock on the head but she was really damadged emotionally, but who wouldn't be? Then someone aksed him a completely unappropriote question, are you and your girlfriend still together? OMG! HOW CAN YOU ASK THAT QUESTION? WHAT HAVE YOUR PARENTS TAUGHT YOU? No, they weren't still together, but these things happen. That was tough hearing him say that, because he actually sounded sad, and to make it worse there was a big awwwww after that. God I hate this school. After the guy's presentation, the nurse came back up and said ''You know, at another school where we came to talk to them about safety, a girl in the front row said that she hoped nothing like this would ever happen to her or her friends and family, and the next day her and her friend were both killed in a car crash. You should know that hope is not enough to keep you safe.'' Woah, what did you say? That is freaky! She actually died? I was so shocked, and that just made the day even more depressing.


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