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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Movie Reviews

I have recently seen two movies and I am going to tell you if you should see them or not.
On Friday I saw Whale Rider, starring Keisha Castle-Hughes (who was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress). This movie is almost magical, it really tells a story, in a way a legend would be told. Kiesha plays Pai, who's mother and twin brother both die during birth. Pai has broken the chain of chiefs, because she is a girl and girls cannot become chief. Pai struggles to prove to her grandfather and the rest of her tribe that she is strong enough to become a leader, while her grandfather sets up a school for boys to train them for becoming the new cheif. Go see it if you havent already, it's brilliant.
Last night I saw Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan. This movie was actually sort of funny, I wasn't too interested in seeing it but my friends wanted to see it so I was just like what ever. When Cady (Lohan) comes back from Africa (where she was home-schooled) to a real high school she finds that all these people are really screwed up (on my judgement anyway). First, she meets this girl who I thought was gay but I guess wasn't and this guy who is supposed to be the stereo-type gay guy (a la Jack of Will & Grace) but is fat and dresses really badly but says fabulous allot, this actor can not portray a gay guy. Any way Cady gets invited to sit with the popular girls who for some reason are very, very stupid but dress well (yay!). For some reason they all have very big breasts for 16 year olds. They all lie behind each other's back and blah blah blah. This movie does have some truth in it, I mean the stuff that happens in the movie does happen in a real high school, except that the movie forgot the drugs, sex, shoplifting, sexual harassment, eating disorders, and god knows what else that really does happen in a real school that I’m not aware of. It was pretty good though, but wait till it comes out on DVD.
Any way I had a great day, after the movie we went to this cute little place at the university plaza (not as bad as it sounds, lots of ethnic foods and stuff) and I had bubble tea for the first time (not really tea, just like a smoothy with jello in it, it's sooo good though!). The we got back to their house and stayed up with their mom (she’s cool don't worry) and family friend Claire who sported numerous piercings, a shaved head and a nurse's outfit. We read magazines and prank called this guy called Stuart, we also found an add in a magazine for a thing called the "Nipplette", don’t ask, and we laughed for like 30 hours. Then we watched MadTV and then watched Cheaters(haha we’re so sad), then at 12:30 Claire drove me home, because she was going that way any way, I waved good bye and went in the ALREADY UNLOCKED back door.


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