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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

money money money...

For the first time in years my parents are actually fighting, and they are fighting over money. You see, my mom really wants to send me to boarding school in Ireland (which by the way, I want to go too) but it would take like, half of her salary (nice school lol) so she asked my dad (my parents are surprisingly still married) if he could pay some of it too since he never spends money and she literally pays for everything, the trips, the house, my horseback riding, all he pays are the cable T.V. bills. Now in the past year I started to notice my dad never paid for anything, my mom was always taking out her cards to pay for things, ever since I can remember. Well if you even ask my dad about money he goes into this big rage and starts to act all vague, once I asked him why he never paid for anything he said "Because I have no money!"

"Well you make like, three times more than mom"

"Well all of that goes to income tax!"

"Even with income tax you still make about twice more"

"Well there’s more taxes!"

"For what?"

"For the schools and hospitals and stuff!"

"Well how much money does that cost?"

"I dunno!"

"Well you should know"

"Well I don't!"

"Why wont you find out, I mean what if someone's taking your money?"

"They aren't!"

"How do you know if you don't even know what’s going on with your money?"

And it went on and on like this until I finally decided he was addicted to crack, like my friend Steph's dad. He spent all of their money and they had to move into this tiny town house in the city, out of this gorgeous huge house just outside the country. I was really pissed off, but it made everything so clear, so this is why he acts so weird! But then I told my mom what I thought and she started to laugh and explained to me why he couldn't be a crack addict. So now I am very curious as to where the hell all our money is going, my dad has a responsibility to actually pay for things you know. My dad went on the internet to show my mom how much money he really has in the bank account, 12,000. Now this is not allot for a guy who makes WAAAAAY more then 12,000, according to this he has spent over 40,000 dollars in the past 9 months on what ever the hell he spends all his money on. Then my dad decided someone was taking his money...and my mom thought he should check with the bank to see how much money was actually taken out. Then he went all in a rage and stormed out. I highly doubt someone is taking his money, because it would have come to a shock to him and he would have said "Oh My God..." as he stared at the computer screen. My dad's an idiot.


At 6:18 pm, Blogger adilio said...

Dads are lame.... MOMS ROCK.... I want to be good Dad that rocks like a MOM when I gwow up :)....

At 8:32 pm, Blogger Wayne said...

Yeah, my family is like that. But in involes Dad, Mom and Sister. All about money and stuff. The weird thing is, Dad & Mom never came to me with Money issues...

Maybe I'm the youngest?

Or I'm just a real b*tch?

At 4:47 pm, Blogger Rachel said...

Adilio: I know they do rock! Well sometimes they do get annoying but in general they're nice.
Wayne:I doubt your a b*tch! I think it is because your the youngest. I was going to say something smart about younger siblings and parental thinking but I forgot...


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