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Monday, May 10, 2004

I think I might be clinical...

Holy crap, today was the most deppressing day ever! I was like, omg, I want to slit my wrists! Any way, the whole day I felt fat and ugly and wished I was rich so I could make my self un-ugly (yes, you can do that). I havent gone shopping for SO long because I feel so fat, the last time I went shopping was about 6 months ago, but I've saved up so much money I now have $950.00 and I am only 14 and have no job (I am NOT working for minimum wage ok?). I am dying of a freaking shopping defitiancy! God, I did not know adolesance was so tough, no wonder every body my age has some sort of problem, let it be eating disorders or a drug addiction or depression, we really are seriously screwed up. Any way, in my last class which is geography, are teacher went on about how the enviroment is so screwed up, and then he told us about all these kids that died because this shit company buried toxic waste right next to a school. I was so traumatized after that, I felt sick (you know when you hear something horrible like 9/11 and you feel like you're about to throw up?). Any way, I seriously want some pills, everything is making me sad! And today I found this creepy homeless person sitting on the side of the street, and I live in a small city! Then I noticed more homeless people! ARRRRGHHHH, lol I am so frustrated!
P.S. I really want the Dior girly logo saddle pouch, which I am going to buy, also a Louis Vuitton multi-colour planner/diary so I wont forget what I have for homework.


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