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Friday, May 14, 2004

The Funeral

Yesterday when I went home for lunch, I did not expect something as tragic and horrible as death. I had gone upstairs to reapply my sunscreen when I heard my cat yowling unusually loud. Poor kitty! I walked down stairs to see what the matter was when I saw it on the third last stair , just lying there with it’s eyes lifelessly staring into space, never to see again.
“Pachy!” (my cat) I couldn’t believe this had happened, again! Pachy had killed another chipmunk and brought it as a gift to us (very heart-warming). Well I praised my cat and brought him upstairs so he wouldn’t see me take the chipmunk outside (he wouldn’t understand) and decided it would be right to have a little funeral for the chipmunk. So I put it down on the ground (not with my hands, it was on a dustbin) and picked a nice place in the garden and started to dig with this rusty shovel. When I had finally finished digging I decided it wouldn’t be very respectful to just chuck it in the dirt, so I picked some grass and some forget-me-nots and lined the bottom with them. Throughout the garden everything was still as I lowered the poor thing into the ground. I picked up some dirt and gently sprinkled it on top of it, then said a little prayer, and then gradually sprinkled more and more dirt until it was finally buried, but something just didn’t fell complete. I came to the conclusion that I should make a small bouquet for the chipmunk, since my cat did kill it and everything , and I walked around picking the prettiest tulips and some other flowers. I eventually placed them together so everything was balanced and looked perfect and placed them down very gently on top of the buried chipmunk. I then kneeled down and kissed the ground, this was my way of saying sorry.


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