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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Frat Boys

I am writing this as my mom is blasting her WorldWarII time music which is actually quite pleasant.
Any way, the other day I was walking back to school as I had gone home for lunch. It was very hot so I took off my baby blue zip-up shirt and revealed my (low neckline) tank top. You would be surprised how many perverted old men take walks at lunch time. The sun was beating down on me and was making me feel very tired and put me in a sort of trance, my legs were walking but my brain was sleeping, it was very relaxing. I was pleasantly walking along when all of a sudden I heard guys driving past me yell "OOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I jumped, momenteraly terrified and looked to my left to see a bunch of frat boys pointing and grinning at me as they whizzed past. I'll admit I was slightly flattered, but more discusted than anything. What happened to the good old days when males addressed women as miss and opened doors for them? This isn't the first time I have gotten unwanted attention from older-than-me males, but I usually snap back with extremely rude comments that shut them up (ei. go fuck yourself, you know no one else will) but this time they were gone before I could even open my mouth. Maybe this is why I prefer gay males, straight ones are so vulgar.


At 9:46 am, Blogger Wayne said...

and I was going to ask if the frat boys are cute.


Next time, if you hear them doing that, take out a can of pepper spray and scream "F**K OFF!!"

But I know me, I'd probably wink, lick my lips and then totally give them the phone number.... the phone number of School Dean's office.

At 9:27 am, Blogger adilio said...

I mean no offence, but I'm a "Frat Boy" and I must speak up in our defence. Most of my fraternity brothers are nothing like that, actually we spend most of our time supporting comunity events and local charities. To put us in a stereotype like that is simply feeding the horrible publicity we get thanks to bad Hollywood movies. I must apologize on behalf of the few bad apples that bothered you, however I feel chivalry is very much alive, at least for me. GIve straight men a chance, they might surprise you, hehe.

Excellent blog by the way, I really enjoyed reading it ;).

At 10:01 am, Blogger Rachel said...

lol thanx! Any way I know not all frat boys are like that, I'm sorry if I offened you in any way :)! lol Wayne, now I just have to find out where to buy illegal pepper spray!


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