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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

blinded by something very ugly.

Today in geography class something very disturbing happened to me. I was sitting there sort of evesdropping on a two person consversation that went sort of like this:
"We did it!"
"At spare, I can't beleive we did it!"
"Did it hurt?"
"Like hell man!"
"She kept on lifting up her shirt and saying 'I can't beleive I did it with you!'"
"Good one man, nice"
"Do you want to see?"
At that moment I turned my head ever so slightly to see this guy lift up his shirt, he had a nipple piercing! And it wasn't just any old nipple peiercing, he had a really skinny chest so his ribs stuck out, and there were no man-boobs or anything, just this little tiny nipple and this big thing popping out of it! It was so gross! I wanted to barf. Usualy I don't really mind nipple piercings, I mean I'm not a big fan of them but whatever, but this one was seriously deformed! I the rest of the day I had this discusting mental image in my brain...

I need some pills....


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